It’s quite easy to win once…but difficult to have CONTINUED SUCCESS!

Team Botti has a history of notable achievements. From generation to generation, Team Botti has shown itself to be the best group of gallop trainers in Italy.

Such an achievement is on par with a football manager winning 39 of 41 possible league titles:  if we were based in the US we would have soon gained a place in the Hall of Fame, the pinnacle of sporting success.  However, such achievements have not been recognised in Italy outside of the horse racing world.  And yet, Team Botti has written the history of Italian horse racing, through its continued growth and development.

Our success has, however, been acknowledged abroad, where our sport is followed by a larger audience, and our hard work has been acknowledged by a series of awards and accolades as noted below:


  • 39 CATEGORY CHAMPIONSHIP VICTORIES from 1973 until today (including the last 5 titles won by Stefano Botti)dp-013
  • EUROPEAN RECORD for the most victories in a season, with 331 in 2007.
  • An average win percentage which has always remained near to 25%.
  • 10 first places in the Italian Oaks
  • 8 first places in the Regina Elena Stakes (GR2)
  • 5 first places in the Italian Derby
  • 6 first places in the Lydia Tesio Stakes (GR1)
  • 9 first places in the Guido Berardelli Stakes

The achievements obtained in the last 40 years are not just in the field of horse training, but we have also received recognition as jockeys, horse owners, and in recent years, as breeders. Furthermore, the breeding centre of Razza del Velino has been recognised as one of the best breeding centres in Italy and Europe during recent years, notably through the breeding of horses which have gone on to become great champions.



Stefano e Alduino Botti in premiazione_2For the past many years, as in other sector, market globalization has opened us the doors to the world market and the results we have achieved in Italy have caught the attention of several investors abroad who have turned to us just to buy some horses we bred or trained.  Such horses include Ramonti, Jakkalberry, Crakerjack King, Cherry Collect, Duck Feet, Charity Line, Arpinati, Gentleman Only, Biz The Nurse, Final Score and many others..

Italian pattern race achievement 


Lydia Tesio1978GiustiziaDixieGruppo 1
Oaks D’Italia1978GiustiziaDixieGruppo 1
Oaks D’Italia1979Maria WaleskaDixieGruppo 1
Oaks D’Italia1981Val d’EricaAbete BluGruppo 1
Guido Berardelli1981Maria StuardaSibaGruppo 3
Regina Elena1981Val d’EricaAbete BluGruppo 2
Oaks D’Italia1982IleniaCieffediGruppo 1
Gran Criterium1982AnguilloGruppo 1
Oaks D’Italia1983Right BankCieffediGruppo 1
Derby d’Italia1983My TopSibaGruppo 1
Lydia Tesio1983Right BankP. de MolssacGruppo 1
Regina Elena1983Right BankCieffediGruppo 2
Gran Criterium1984Will DancerGruppo 1
Guido Berardelli1984Miss GrissSibaGruppo 3
Lydia Tesio1984StufidaRencatiGruppo 1
Oaks D’Italia1984Paris RoyalCieffediGruppo 1
Oaks D’Italia1985Miss GrisSibaGruppo 1
Regina Elena1985Miss GrissSibaGruppo 2
Parioli1986SveltRencatiGruppo 3
Regina Elena1987Fedora GreySibaGruppo 2
Guido Berardelli1988Yellow KingSibaGruppo 3
Ribot1992StubassRencatiGruppo 2
Regina Elena1994Erin BirdSibaGruppo 2
Regina Elena1995Olimpia DukakisSibaGruppo 2
Aloisi (ex Umbria)1995Beat of DrumsCarlo VittadiniGruppo 3
Guido Berardelli1995Brave IndigoCarlo VittadiniGruppo 3
Tudini1996Beat of DrumsCarlo VittadiniGruppo 3
Lydia Tesio1996Grey WayCarlo VittadiniGruppo 1
Guido Berardelli2001FisichRencatiGruppo 3
Parioli2005RamontiSibaGruppo 3
Regina Elena2005Silver CupMartin S. SchwartzGruppo 2
Guido Berardelli2005Sunday’s BrunchDioscuriGruppo 3
Di Capua2006RamontiSibaGruppo 1
Ribot2006RamontiSibaGruppo 2
Derby d’Italia2007AwelmarduckEffeviGruppo 1
Verziere2009CottonmounthEffeviGruppo 3
Dormello2009Blessed LuckEffeviGruppo 3
Guido Berardelli2011Duck FeetDioscuriGruppo 3
Derby d’Italia2011Crakerjack KingEffeviGruppo 1
Omenoni2011Dagda MorEffeviGruppo 3
Federico Tesio2011Sneak a PeakDioscuriGruppo 3
Del Piazzale2012Douce VieEffeviGruppo 3
Presidente della Repubblica2012Crakerjack KingEffeviGruppo 1
Regina Elena2012Cherry CollectEffeviGruppo 2
Carlo d'’Alessio2012Lake DropSibaGruppo 3
Guido Berardelli2012Never Say NeverAndy CappGruppo 3
Mario Incisa della Rocchetta2012FaciascuraRencatiGruppo 3
Oaks D’Italia2012Cherry CollectEffeviGruppo 1
Presidente della Repubblica2013VedelagoGTAGruppo 1
Lydia Tesio2013Charity LineEffeviGruppo 1
Primi Passi2013ArpinatiDioscuriGruppo 3
Chiusura2013Regarde MoiDioscuriGruppo 3
Ambrosiano2013OrpelloEffeviGruppo 3
Gran Criterium2013Priore PhilipSte.maGruppo 1
Derby d'Italia2013Biz The NurseAlealiGruppo 2
Milano2013Biz The NurseAlealiGruppo 1
Oaks d'Italia2013Charity LineEffeviGruppo 2
Federico tesio2013Biz The NurseAlealiGruppo 2
Ambrosiano2013OrpelloEffeviGruppo 3
Carlo d'Alessio2013Romantic WaveEffeviGruppo 3
Mario Incisa della Rocchetta2013LiciaQuafinGruppo 3
Del Giubileo 2013PattayaDioscuriGruppo 3
Guido Berardelli2013Gentleman OnlyEffeviGruppo 3