Alduino Bottigiuseppe botti

Team Botti’s origins can be traced back to 1950 when Edmondo Botti, formerly of Maremma but Milanese through adoption, opted to open a stable following his successful career as a former flat race and steeplechase jockey. Sadly, after a fantastic run of almost 20 years as a professional trainer, Edmondo passed away in 1969, leaving the stable and his legacy under the guidance of his two sons, Giuseppe and Alduino. Giuseppe, 23 at the time, had established himself as a respectable steeplechase jockey (160 wins), while Alduino, only 21, was nearing the end of an excellent career as a flat race jockey (500 wins), which was cut short due to insurmountable weight complications.

Since that fateful year of 1969, Alduino and Giuseppe have laid down the foundations for a successful partnership that would carry the Botti name very far. After four years of settling into their newfound roles, in 1973 the brothers achieved a major milestone, winning their first championship trophy as trainers. Since then, not only have other victories followed, but in fact the brothers have only failed to conquer the top position for gallop races in two seasons, 2001 and 2002.

It is therefore no surprise, therefore,  that the flag and name of Giuseppe and Alduino’s family company bears the name of the “Dioscuri”, the mythical twins from Greek and Roman mythology associated with horsemanship, brotherhood and heroism. Furthermore, the immense success and momentum of the company has been perpetuated by a new generation of brothers, Giuseppe’s sons Edmondo (“Endo”) and Alessandro, as well as Alduino’s two boys Stefano and Marco.

Regarding these “four musketeers”:

  • Endo, Giuseppe’s eldest son, was one of Italy’s leading jockeys with more than 1500 career wins, many of which were recorded in prestigious races, such his victory at the 2007 Italian Derby with Awelmarduck.
  • Alessandro, Endo’s younger brother, has served as an assistant trainer to the horses of Team Botti at San Siro following his career as a jockey that lasted less than two years due to weight problems. Alongside his uncle Alduino, Alessandro was also responsible for scouting foal auctions all over the world in an attempt to identify the champions of tomorrow. 
  • Marco, Alduino’s youngest son born in 1977, boasted a successful run as a jockey with a list of achievements including 380 victories in the years from 1992 to 1997. Due to an above-average height and weight proportion for jockey, Marco dropped the saddle and embarked on a new career leveraging his valuable experience to assist his father and uncle as a coach.
  • Stefano, the eldest son of Alduino, serves as confirmation that the “Dioscuri” system requires that every member of the family maintains a clearly defined role of the highest order. In fact, Stefano was the leading gentleman rider in Italy (please read “amateur jockey”) with an impressive 15 championships in the category and a list victories totaling over 600