Where champions are born: stud farms Razza del Velino and Deni 

Foto Anac

The birth of a foal is always an emotional moment, not least for the horse breeder who selects the right cross, studies the blood lines, cares for the mare during the gestation period and anxiously awaits the birth of the foal.  Breeding and rearing horses is a rewarding business, but also a risky one.  Nature is unforeseeable and sometimes the outcome of a cross does not meet expectations.  As such, a passion for horses is not enough to be a successful breeder – you also need to be highly motivated.  Indeed, when physical exertions and financial investment are not repaid by a satisfying end result, even the most deep rooted passions are put to the test.  This is why a breeder must not only have knowledge of breeding techniques and the genetic characteristics of each of race, but he must also have a strong entrepreneurial mind.  A trainer does not just take care of the reproduction of horses, but is also responsible for their growth and training in preparation for auction.  A breeder approves all significant decisions made regarding the development of the foal, from the choice of its feed, to the selection of the coach and their taming techniques. Giuseppe and Alduino Botti are in charge of our breeding team, focusing on one clear goal: breeding of the highest quality.  The breeding of Team Botti’s horses takes place at the Velino and Deni stud farms.